"Having multiple freelance designers compete for my logo is awesome. Within in a few hours, I got more than 20 designs and the most challenging part is determining which one I want"


Last week, 196 people ordered our freelance logo service!

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Why should I choose FreelanceLogoDesign?
How much does it cost?
Our minimum contest prize is $99. Plus the $29 listing fee, the total cost is $128
How many design options will I get?
On average, our contest receives about 50 design entries. The following factors can impact designer participation for your project.
Your contest prize: Higher prize do attract more and higher caliber designers.
Design brief: Designers prefer clear and simple design brief.
Your feedback and communications: Try provide constructive and encouraging feedbacks to get more submissions from our designers.
Featured upgrade: Put your project on top of our list to get more exposuers.
What about design quality?
We screen every new freelance designers who wants to join our team. They best way to gage our logo quality is to simple check our past projects.
Is there a money back guarantee?
We believe our scheme is better than “Money Back Guarantee”. Instead of paying upfront, you can list your project for $29 and pay for the logo only if you like the logo options submitted by our designers. The $29 listing fee is not refundable unless you received less than 10 design entries.

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