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Braga Netto Associados

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We are a family company, father, mother and two daughters. We provide TOPOGRAPHY services (LAND SURVEYING) in the civil construction area. A vast experience of over 40 years in the market of Rio de Janeiro providing services to the largest construction companies in the country.

Ideas & concepts

In these sites you can have an idea of what topography is: http://themes.muffingroup.com/be/surveyor/ http://www.topographic.com/home/index.html And below I attached the 4 most used equipments.

Additional Design Inspirations

These are the most used equipment in topography.
Logo #1 by Thoks
Braga Netto Associados logo design concepts #1
Logo Concept #1 by Thoks (Confirmed!)

3 years ago

[leocaula confirmed the design package file.]

He was very helpful, made all the changes I asked for and helped me a lot, delivering a great work.
- leocaula