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  • 3 concepts

    “We are a boutique brand CBD company that specializes in organic, pesticide free CBD products such as salves, oils, bath balms etc.”

  • 5 concepts

    “owner-operator truckmount carpet cleaning”

  • 6 concepts

    “MAD is a sports consulting & management company that works in all aspects of soccer events. We set up pro soccer tryouts, trials with professional clubs throughout Europe, and represent and negotiate on behalf of players who want to sign professional contracts ”

  • 6 concepts

    “Summit provides trash and recycle services in the Rocky Mountain region.”

  • 3 concepts

    “Telemedicine, disease state management comapny”

  • 6 concepts

    “I'm looking for someone to re create the moonshine logo #10 by jhay on your website with the car above and polisher below but with my business name instead. I really really like that logo but only in colors black, white, red. I sent an order threw once to 3 designers and it wasnt quite what I was looking for so please no repeats although I did kinda like the one option I was sent but want too be sure for the perfect logo for my business...Thanks!!! (Red/White/Black) (Car/Polisher) (#10 by jhay) (SHINE&STYLE)”

  • 3 concepts

    “Arial Photography”

  • 5 concepts

    “This has to do with human psychology and performance. This is for a website and a series of books. I would like a very minimalist logo. Maybe even a "seal" effect to make it look like it's an "official" logo. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “Automotive Detailing”

  • 3 concepts

    “We are a speakers bureau based out of Nashville”

  • 3 concepts

    “IT Consulting business”

  • 3 concepts

    “Public Speaker, speaks on money and business”

  • {{vv.num_invite}} concepts


Live Broadcast from our current logo projects

This sample stood out the most to me. Simple, delivers an interesting visual message, and elegant. I will be playing with colors a little bit, but the overall form of the illustration and the accompanying font is pretty attractive.

got the job done but had to pay for unlimited revision even though i gave him an exact photo with detailed instructions to get it right the first time. typical internet cons!!!

Slight miss communication perhaps with the revision but over all just what i wanted. Only wish it was a little faster turn around as i missed my deadline but still great work non the less and i am happy.

Ollie read and listened to what I wrote in the initial document. He really understood what I was looking for and nailed it! I am very happy with the outcome!

The design was exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us. We are excited to start placing it on our marketing materials!

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