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  • 15 concepts

    “JScot is my first name. I am a rockstar Event Planner. I am an etiquette coach. I am pageant and model coach. I want each division to move under one name: JSCOT. JScot is my first name. I am doing a re-brand of my business so I have one website, one business card, etc. With the diverse business ventures, I just want to be known by my name.”

  • 10 concepts

    “Hi, my mother and I are starting a small cookie business called Bodega Bay Cookie Company. We are located in Northern California in a small beach coastal fishing town in Sonoma County. We will be baking and selling cookies.”

  • 3 concepts

    “We are a general construction company with a focus on residential and some large scale business work as well.”

  • 3 concepts

    “We are a heating and air conditioning company that also does electrical”

  • 3 concepts

    “I am starting a window cleaning business in Southern California.”

  • 6 concepts

    “This is a newly acquired small 10-room hotel in the rural town of Gooding, Idaho. The interior is newly renovated with quality finishes and its time to upgrade the hotel's name and exterior look.. The first order of business is a new sign. Because Gooding is the county seat, young professionals need a place to stay that is clean and appealing without having to travel almost an hour to the next town. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “This will be a police role-playing logo for a community of players online. ”

  • 5 concepts

    “This logo is for a youtube channel (and website) that has not been launched yet. It will provide parenting tips and advice via social media. The logo will be used on YouTube and Facebook (Pages) immediately. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “Certified Public Accountants ”

  • 3 concepts

    “We sell old sports cards on eBay. Our target audience is usually men 45 in the US. The cards we sell on this site are not of extremely high value so we like the look of a simple logo. We have a pretty loyal following and are just looking for a way to increase the presence of our brand with a simple logo.”

  • 10 concepts

    “We produce and sell aftermarket parts for off-road/ single track motorcycle bikes. We are now looking for a logotype to brand our products under. Alternative logotype names are ADHD RACING. FATMAN. We want a good looking logotype that people happily would use on their bikes if it was a sticker. Words that describes what we want to catch with logotype are: Freedom. Happiness. Ironic. Racing. Wild. Humour. Swedish. Etc.”

  • 3 concepts

    “It is your basic custom wood furniture company that creates original designs based off of customers wants and needs. ”

  • {{vv.num_invite}} concepts


Live Broadcast from our current logo projects

We are extremely happy with our new logo by jhay. He did an outstanding job and it is exactly how we imagined it to be.
Thankyou for his time and patience. Emma and Cameron

First concept was almost exactly what I had in mind. Was actually one of the only designers that seemed like they read my brief. A couple of revisions were done quickly and logo is outstanding.

Got what I needed. I can be very particular, but they were very patient, responsive and helpful. Thanks! You guys nailed it before with my former North Valley Scorpions logo. I will continue to use this method for any future endeavors.

I like the basic work, but designer was not quite able to produce the results I desire. I am forced to take the logo design and improve upon it myself.

I apologize for taking so long to release this...I couldn't find the area for releasing the the project until just now. I love the logo. What if I would like revisions?

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