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Visit neighborhood restaurants to get 1 free smoothie each month. Smoothies are hand picked by us and sent via text message. New smoothies are offered each month.

Ideas & concepts

Our name will need to be in 2 colors. The word Fruit in red. The word Blenderz in green. The name needs to be together and not separated (Fruitblenderz). Our tagline needs to be underneath the name. The tagline is: Discover. Smoothie. Happiness.

Above our name I need the following fruit: strawberry, orange, banana and watermelon. I attached a photo of what I like it to look similar to.

Additional Design Inspirations

Need the fruits and the colors to be similar to this style.
Logo #4 by manabendra110
FruitBlenderz logo design concepts #4
Logo Concept #4 by manabendra110 (Confirmed!)

4 years ago

[fruitblenderz confirmed the design package file.]

The designer did an outstanding job on the logo design! This is exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend! Thank you for a wonderful logo for my business!
- fruitblenderz