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JScot is my first name. I am a rockstar Event Planner. I am an etiquette coach. I am pageant and model coach. I want each division to move under one name: JSCOT. JScot is my first name. I am doing a re-brand of my business so I have one website, one business card, etc. With the diverse business ventures, I just want to be known by my name.

Ideas & concepts

Relatable to weddings/corporate events, fashion/pageant, and speaking engagements.
The logo/image should be: Commerical and editorial. Bold. Trendy. Classic. Inviting.
I would like two items: Image for header, website and logo that stands alone and possibly with the image.
I am open to colors - usually stick to black, white, maybe dark navy, possibly a hint of
Green (as used in the recent Rio Olympics)
Open to exploring something out of the box, where someone else would look at it and think; I wish I would have thought of that.
I am attaching a photo of what could look to be my signature name - if that sparks inspiration.

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Logo #22 by AB212
JSCOT EVENTS logo design concepts #22
Logo Concept #22 by AB212 (Confirmed!)

1 years ago

[jscotreid confirmed the design package file.]

Thank you for the quick and professional response and edits.
- jscotreid