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I provide internet marketing services for creative entrepreneurs. I consult & coach them to help build and market their online businesses. My products consist of: private 1 on 1 coaching, information products, consulting, and I also have an mentorship program apart of my business academy.


Internet Logo Design

Ideas & concepts

Words that represent my brand: vibrant, luxury, influential, genuine, powerful
Colors that reflect my brand: black, white, tan, gold (some hex codes: #f1e8dc, #faf7f3)

In my mind, I see two different logos (whichever one is the best I will go with.) Both of these logos consist of my initials, LR. (My name is my brand--Lakia Robinson)

The first type of logo: a monogram letter logo with my initials (please see the attached file)
The second type of logo: For the "L" I would like to use a handwriting or calligraphy font. For the "R", I would like to use the "registered trademark" symbol to represent my last name, Robinson. (see picture attached)

You'll also find a picture of one of my rebrand photos (sorry website www.LakiaRobinson.com won't be completed until 12-28-15)

Please disregard the blue image in the photo attached.

I look forward to working with you :)
Logo #1 by Republik
LR logo design concepts #1