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Business Name

Santa Barbara Jazz Collective

Business Description

I'm currently working to bring young jazz musicians (ages 18-35) together in Santa Barbara as part of what's to be called the Santa Barbara Jazz Collective. It is an organization dedicated to revitalizing the jazz scene, offering these musicians opportunities and avenues to express their music in an exciting an engaging way, and connecting the musicians and the music with the community through gigs, festivals, events, scholarships, and outreach.

Ideas & concepts

No tacky music symbols, notes, etc.
No more than two font types used.
Dark background, light text preferred
Logo that is simplistic in nature - want to communicate the mission/vision of the organization without the logo being complicated.
Can either use the acronym (SBJC) or the full name (Santa Barbara Jazz Collective) in the logo.
Would like a logo that expresses sophistication yet an organization that is energetic and passionate about what they do.

Will use the logo on business cards to network, recruit new members, and be the logo/face for the organization.

Additional Design Inspirations

Logo #19 by arenug
Santa Barbara Jazz Collective logo design concepts #19
Logo Concept #19 by arenug (Confirmed!)

4 years ago

[andrewmrwilliams confirmed the design package file.]

Great and simple design. Would contact for future work!
- andrewmrwilliams