25 Creative Brewing Company Logo Designs for Your Daily Inspiration


In today’s post I want to show very creative brewing company logo designs that are perfect in every way. Excellent color choice, amazing fonts and retro style that fits perfectly in the brewing industry makes these designs certainly stand out from the crowd. Most of these company logos are a true work of art, because of their high quality illustrations, which are all included in the logos.

I assure you that these logo designs will look amazing on the bottles. In fact, in order to convince yourself (and myself) I spent a while and I prepared a mock-up to check if I was right. I have chosen the project Because It’s Brewing by akillis13 – Logo123 designer, which is one of my favorites. You can see how the logo can look on the beer label design below. The label design below is just an inspirational concept, but It does look delicious.


Original beer logo designs will certainly affect the success of the brand and have a very large impact on the perception of beer as a product of excellent quality. So here I’ve gathered together 25 of the most creative and illustrative examples of brewing company logo designs to inspire you. Most of the logos were created in a shape of a badge, which is also one of the things that you have to keep in mind when getting your brewing branding prepared.

1. Because it’s brewing by akilis13

brewing company logo 1

2. Secret Path brewing company by LuBeraDesign

brewing company logo 2

3. Panko by FilipGres 

brewing company logo 3

4. KingFox Brewery by Widakk

beer company logo 4

5. Boat Town Brewery by LuBeraDesign

brewing company logo 5

6. Lincoln Brewery by Creatidel

beer company logo 6

7. Bleeding Heart Brewery by Gane

brewing company logo 7

8. Stevenson Brewing by RoLys 

brewery company logo 8


9. Seven City Brewing Company by btxpress

brewing company logo 9

10. Der Hahn Brauerei by Sam Stephen 

brewing company logo 10

11. Arizuma Series by Corry Damey 

brewing company logo 11


12. Monkey Paw by LaCarbonera 

brewing company logo 12

13. My Beer by LaCarbonera 

company logo 13

14. B52 Brewign Company by LaCarbonera 

brewing company logo 14


15. Bronzebeard Brewing by growcase

company logo 15


16. Falling Hills by samadara 

brewing company logo 16


17. Stateside by roktiv 

beer company logo 17


18. Bier Garten by elsaben

brewing company logo 18


19. Solera Brewery by eddg 

company logo 19


20. General Lafayette by dprice

brewing company logo 20


21. Madara Brewing by struve

brewing logo 21


22. Grandpa’s Tavern & Brewery by OLIVERAKOS

brewing company logo 22


23. Swashbuckler Ale by levelb 

brewing company logo 23


24. Shizmo Beer Color by slaterdesign

brewing company logo 24


25. DeepSix Brewery by Logomotive

brewing company logo 25

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