The Nail Ghoul

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4 months ago
Spooky and creepy nail tech
  • Design Brief4 months ago
    Logo Name
    The Nail Ghoul
    Company Intro
    Spooky and creepy nail tech
    A skeleton hand with pointed nails on the fingers. Black background and holding either a gel polish bottle or nail art brushes. The words “the nail ghoul” hugging the logo in a circle shape. In a gothic or creepy style font
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    Carina4 months ago
    I would like the skeleton hands to be making the punk rock hand symbol as in the picture i posted but i am open to other hand positioning on the skeleton hand as well
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    Carina4 months ago
    I love the font for design #13
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    Carina4 months ago
    I love how this hand looks as well. The “sawed off” look at the bottom as if it were severed off by a zombie. Is there anyways to see examples of this type of Hand in the logo? Holding a bottle of polish making the punk rock symbol. I really like the creepy font from design #13 as well
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    Carina4 months ago
  • C
    Carina4 months ago
    Making this hand symbol
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