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We are creating a dating app for modern people that cherish traditional values.
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    Logo Name
    Company Intro
    We are creating a dating app for modern people that cherish traditional values.
    The attached show various images I like (not necessarily the colors or the image, but what these logos convey). These were generated by AI and I will NOT select any logos that come from such sources, it is obvious for anyone that has used logos previously. Logo 3 shows a heart with simple round wedding rings, Logo2 shows the use of white space to form a subliminal image of a man and woman (our app may be used by men seeking women, men seeking men or women seeking women so the logo can not contain a man and woman only). Logo 1 is simple and clean. The logo will be used for branding as well as on the app so it needs to be simple and clean so it can fit into an app button or shown in the App store or Google Play stores.

    Reference Samples

  • J5 months ago
    I truly love the use of white space to create a secondary image or feeling and the dating app focuses on "traditional" relationships so the logo should convey that feeling as well
  • J5 months ago
    All I am getting are boxed logos and logos created using AI. I will NOT pick any of these, you need to be creative and original or please don't waste either of our time.
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