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inspiHERing is an umbrella social media marketing company helping female owned/ female founded businesses scale their social media presence organically using our value based framework. We offer two types of services: Coaching- both group and one on one coaching on our Viral Value method of social media marketing. This is an omni-channel, organic social media marketing strategy that focuses on creating a nurturing environment for the audience so that more than anything they feel seen, heard, and understood. Full service agency- we take the Viral value framework and use a done-for-you approach for businesses and entrepreneurs who need an implementor not a coach. The inspiHERing brand is playful, whimsical, quirky even. Our 'secret ingredient' at the core of everything is authenticity. That is the small hinge that the big doors swing on. We believe in radical candor, aligned action, and being unapologetic about who we are. We encourage all our clients to do the same. The vibe of the brand is art deco beach disco party. I've attached some photos for reference to that including a color palette