We are open for business!

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It took us a while to finally launch While it looks easy from the outside, we had to build many systems inside to ensure our logo design process work smoothly. In the end, we believe that we have created a system that will deliver better logo design experience for our customers to come.
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Mini logo contests
Despite all the arguments around “spec works”, there is no question that logo contests offer more ideas and concepts for the buyers. Therefore, for each logo design project, LOGO123 run a mini logo contest among our small team of professional designers. Our mini-contests give customers plenty of logo options to choose from while our handpicked design team ensures the basic quality standard of the logos we deliver.
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3 simple packages
Before starting your project, many design contest sites will charge you listing fees, featured fees, Paypal fees, etc… But not here, we have just 3 simple logo design packages starting at $129. All you have to pay is the package price you’ve chosen, straight and simple.
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Let result speak for itself
We don’t have long paragraphs explaining why we are better. We simply display ALL our completed logo projects on the home page in real time staring from the most recent. Feel free to click open each contest and see what our designers has to offer. We simply let our results speak for itself.
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Custom logo design used to be expensive. For several hundred dollars, you can hire a local designer who will give your 2, or 3 design concepts to choose from. But with the help of Internet, you can now get multiple designers supplying 10 to 5 design concepts for less the price.  Our goal is simple: MAKE LOGO DESIGN EASY,  AS 1, 2, 3…