Is Your Company Logo Outdated? When to Update?

Your company logo plays a starring role in your branding, given that it’s one of the faces the general public sees.Β 

So, as one of your company’s faces, your logo needs to look its best at all times. Failure to achieve this feat can lead to dire consequences, such as failed marketing strategies and terrible branding.

With that said, logos aren’t eternal. Even the biggest brands in the market change their logos from time to time. Here are some reasons you may need to change yours.

1. Your Logo Design Is Forgettable

An effective logo design is one that you can’t forget, even after seeing it for only a short amount of time.

When your logo design is difficult to remember, it can’t serve its purpose. Think about itβ€”when you see a logo but can’t remember what it represents, how can you be expected to think of it when looking for the product or service it stands for?

Fixing this problem may mean redesigning your logo, so people easily remember it. You may want to consider your brand before hiring a designer or using a free logo maker.

2. Your Logo Design Is Outdated

Design trends come and go, so it isn’t too surprising that brands change their logos as time goes on.

A design trend can be a significant factor in changing your logo. For example, rounded logos became popular several years ago, but they aren’t as trendy as they once were.

If your logo looks outdated after a few years, it may be time for a change.

3. Your Logo Design Does Not Represent Your Brand

Your logo should be a good representation of your company.

In other words, the elements of your logo should accurately reflect the tone and style of your brand overall.

If you feel your logo is a poor representation of your brand, it may be time for a redesign. A new logo design may make your brand look more professional and modern.

4. Your Logo Design Doesn’t Scale Well

Designing a logo is like painting a picture. When you paint a picture, part of the goal is to create a work of art that can be easily reproduced, right? If a painting is only good when viewed up close, it has failed a major part of the goal.

You can apply the same idea to logo design. A logo that does not scale well means the company cannot reproduce it for marketing materials, business cards, letterhead, etc.

If your logo does not scale well, it may mean that it is time to redesign.

5. Your Logo Design Looks Unprofessional

If it’s obvious your logo has not been professionally designed and looks like something a 5-year-old could do, then it’s time to change it up.

Imagine your business logo is a painting in an art gallery. If you walked by the painting and thought it looked like a kindergartener painted it, you would probably question the gallery’s credibility.

The same concept applies to logo design. If your logo looks unprofessional, you could be giving your marketing campaign a bad reputation.


A logo is often an indicator of a company’s reputation and authority in a market. Therefore, it’s essential to treat your logo as a face, given that it could be sending the wrong image to the public.

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