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Uncover the Secrets of These 10 Clever Logos

10 Logos Secrets CoverIt can be obvious to the trained eye, but there are some logos that have something purposefully hidden inside of their design. In this post we’ll examine ten contest winning logos from LOGO123, and uncover the secrets they have hidden inside.

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A logo represents you, your business, or a company. Whichever it is, they all need to make an impact on their target audience so it’s memorable to them. One of the best ways to do this is to hide something symbolic in the design. Everyone loves discovering a secret, it’s part of human nature. So when we find something uniquely hidden in a design, it’s easier to remember what it air max moto womens

One of the most recognized “hidden message” logos is the FedEx logo. I remember sitting in my high school art class when my art instructor showed us how there was a hidden “arrow” in between the “E” and “x” of the FedEx logo. It’s a brilliant use of negative space. Negative Space is defined as the space around and between the subjects of an image. This technique is used to create silhouettes, shapes, and symbols that are commonly  recognized.

There are some other techniques used to hide meaning in logo designs, I’ll cover some of them below. Here are some brilliant illustrations of clever logo design from

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1) Beyond Partners

People Build This Non-Profit

Beyond PartnersBeyond Partners is a non-profit Christian venture capital fund that provides business expertise, mentoring, coaching, and financing to businesses who function as a platform to evangelize and develop followers of Christ. In this design by Alteum, the icon features four stylized people who create a cross, a symbol in the Christian faith. While people typically don’t have angled stomachs, the cut out serves to show them reaching out towards one another in support around a central theme, in this case the cross created from the negative space.

“Did a great job and was very responsive, really like the logo. Thanks Alteum.”

2) Bolt Property Management 

A Flash Of Lightning Highlights This Home

Bolt Property ManagementBolt Property Management is a full service residential property management company. They wanted a logo design that conveyed strength, action, and integrity. Fornarel developed this design that highlights a house silhouette in front of two yellow lightning bolts. The black and yellow is a powerful color combination, made even stronger by limiting the yellow to just the bolts.

“Thanks for the work.”

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3) Bridgeway Baptist Church

A Bridge Built On The Word

BridgewayBridgeway Baptist Church focuses their teachings on leading people out of life’s difficulties and into a full life. The graphic in their icon serves two purposes, as a bridge curving away from the viewer, and upon closer inspection, a Bible in the “walkway” area. The book is defined by the horizontal lines on the left and right lanes combined with the pages curving up from the center at the bottom of the bridge. It becomes a clever way to visually represent their name without looking overly religious.
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“(Gipanuhotko) Did everything I asked with no hesitation. Would do business again.”

4) City Acre Farm

Barnyard Animals Run Free In This City

 City Acre FarmBringing the organic farm life to the city, City Acre Farm rests on 1.3 acres. They have an organic garden which also houses llamas and chickens. They recycle the llama waste as fertilizer for their own garden and for sale. Part of their mission is teaching people from the city how to have a farmscape of their own. In this logo by Nafisaparween, the silhouette of the llama, chicken, and goat are backlit by the negative space created from the city. By keeping the contrast high with grey and white, it allows a visual marriage of the farm animals and buildings. Literally giving the impression of farm animals in the city.

“We were happy with not only the final design, but also the quick communication and response. Great job!”

5) eCommerce Today

There’s No E In Cart, Wait A Second…

 eCommerce TodayAn eCommerce news and advice website for people who run eCommerce websites. With shopping in mind, they were keen to the idea of using a shopping cart as part of their logo design. Jaize cleverly disquises the “e” in “eCommerce” as a shopping cart. Tapering the edges, adding the slight “handle,” and some small circles at the bottom transforms the “e” into the cart while still maintaining the letter’s form. It works well connected to “Commerce” or as an icon by itself.

6) Etail1

Making The Most Out Of Your Online Shopping And White Space
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Etail1 is an eCommerce consulting company whose experts help companies to sell online. They wanted their logo to resonate two things; first that working with Etail1 is the first step towards a successful eCommerce venture, second that they are a one-stop-shop for all eCommerce needs. They also requested a modern, flat color logo. With this in mind, Mbezz crafted a design where the “E” creates a “1” with its negative space. It is aided by the grey squares on the right, filling out the end of the “1.” Giving the blocks that make up the “E” rounded corners and rounded connections also allude to the digital nature of the business.

“The most creative design by far!”

7) Pure Choice

Everything You Need In One Drop

Pure Choice

An online natural supplement store, Pure Choice needed a logo with a very clean, natural, and organic feel. Nirajsharp hid many elements inside of the icon, first of all a water drop. Inside the water drop, you’ll find a curvy, yin-yang type split. The split is created by two interwoven leaves. All combined they create a deep icon that speaks many elements. Which one did you see first?

“Did a great job.”

8) Seecrect Tours Liverpool

Do You See What I See?

Secret ToursLaunching this summer, STL takes you an a secret journey around the city. They feature a two hour walking tour of Liverpool with an expert guide, Multimedia Show & Tell iPad app, and refreshments as a secrecy location. The first thing you’ll notice is that the word “Seecret” is cut out of the city skyline. Did you catch the two “e’s” in “Seecret?” They’re harboring their own mystery, two eyes as the center of the double “e’s.” Placing the eyes in the cutout of the word “Seecret” help visually connect with the idea of seeing a different side of the city.

“Fantastic, creative, and speedy service – Smith1979’s design stood head and shoulders above the rest. He’s a Liverpool FC fan too – what more can you ask for!”

9) Servian Team 6

The S With Junk In Its Trunk

Servian Team 6Taking their passion for technology and all things digital, Servian Team 6 started a digital ux and lean development group. They specialize in technology, development, and rapid prototyping. They were looking for a sleek chrome logo that somehow combined the “S” and “6” from their name. When I first saw this design by mashoodpp, I thought “why is there a block sitting on the back leg of the S?” Upon focusing on the outside of the shape I quickly recognized the “6.” It’s a clever way to combine the parallel flow of both characters. The thick outlines allows the “6” to be seen and the “S” to be distinguished from within.

“The work was really good. I thought that he listened to everything I said and its reflected in his work. Thanks!!!”

10) Strike City

If You’re Not Careful The Night Life Will Bowl You Over

Strike CityStrike City is a bowling and entertainment center taking it’s name from the play in bowling, the strike, where you knock down all 10 pins on the first try. They sought after a simple design that featured a large “X,” the symbol for a strike. It comes into play in this design by ingepro as the red and white lines that cross on the left side of the design. Initially it could be seen as just a random element to frame the name, but knowing your bowling terms will help you identify it as the coveted Strike. Also hidden within the design is a bowling ball. You’ll notice three curves highlighted in the moon, doubling it as a bowling ball over the city. The black background helps conceal it as the moon.

“Great Designer. Cannot wait to work with you again for the next logos we need!”

Which design is the more impressive? 
Did you find something I missed?
Let me know in the comments section!

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