Real Cost of a Freelance Logo Design

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Thinking of hiring a freelancer to design your logo?

I’m sure you are. You wouldn’t be reading this blog post right now if you weren’t, right?

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When it comes to creating your business logo, you have several options. Hiring a design company is expensive. Launching a logo contest is kinda hit or miss. And the logo you can create with one of the online logo maker is too amateurish, until today. LogoAi is a smart logo maker that’s powered by artificial intelligence.


30 modern flat logo design for your daily inspiration

flat logo designs
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In the world of logo design, complex graphic effects are out, simple flat design style are in. Logos utilizing the modern flat design are finding their ways into the mainstream of logo designing. In this style, since most space in image seems flat and solid, the main attention goes to the minimal elements that do not make use of too much gradients, shadows, staying away from 3D effects, and of course typography. In other words, simpler is better!
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30 simple black and white logos to give brand a modern classic touch

bw-header black and white logo designs
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So you want your company logo design to have that minimalistic modern classic touch? While most logos make use of several colors, logos designed in simple black and white color alone can be more striking, memorable, and clean. For designers, it’s recommended to create a black and white logo first before adding color to it to make sure that other elements, beside color, are not overlooked. If it looks good in black and white, it’ll likely look good in colors and other promotional medium. Here are some remarkable black and white logo designs for your inspiration.
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30 negative space logo designs for your inspiration

header negative space logo design

Logo design with negative space is a technique that makes use of the space around your logo to form another image. This is a great way to add a secret message to your logo design, and client loves it because its a great conversation piece. For logo designers, it’s a challenge and requires careful planning and consideration. We hope the following 30 negative space logo design can be your source of inspiration for your own creation.
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Logo Tips

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Pic 1000 Cover

In this post we go over the specifics of uploading sample artwork to your contest brief and why it’s so important!nike air max 93