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You can maximize your experience at LOGO123 by being a great communicator! Familiarize yourself with the tools you can use to communicate with designers and get your voice heard!

So you’ve just started your logo design project and are waiting for the designs to roll in. It’s an exciting time, you just don’t know what our community of designers will come up with to wow you! But what happens when you’re not impressed? What can you do if the designs are missing that one hard-to-describe element that sells it for you? Simply speak up!nike air max ltd

Although it happens from time to time, very few contests are: Here’s my name, here’s what I do, I choose that logo design, finished. Most times a project becomes a collaboration of ideas brought to the table between you and the different designers. We’ve included several feature/tools to help make sure you come out with a highly polished logo design that will satisfy you and your customers! Completing the contest brief, leaving comments on individual designs, using the contest discussion area, and rating logos are all ways you can communicate to the Design Community what changes you would like to see.ray ban sunglasses wholesale

I’ll break down each of the four features and share some tips on making the most of them.

The Contest Brief

R&C_Design Brief

Filling out the Contest Brief is how you introduce yourself and the first thing our designers will see about you. It’s important to fill it out fully, but there is a balance to it. If you just give one liners in each section, it will lack direction and open you up to seeing more generic designs. But if you write an essay in each section, it may become so streamlined that you only see one layout coming in, as interpreted by different artists. I would suggest a paragraph (roughly 4 sentences) can be a guideline to help find that balance.

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  • Emphasize what makes you special. How does your business stand out from your competitors?
  • Use descriptive words about the emotions and attitudes you want to convey.
  • Just as important as describing what you want, share what you don’t want to see. It will help weed out ahead of time ideas and directions you don’t want designers to pursue.
  • What are your short and long term plans for the logo? Will it be on business cards now and a storefront sign later?
  • Bring all your ideas to the Ideas and Concepts section – because designers think a little differently, anything you say there could be the key ingredient that causes their design to be the one for you.

The Comments


When logo designs are submitted for you consideration, you can leave comments for the designers to fine-tune or change them. It’s ok to do this during the Qualifying Stage, you don’t have to wait to select Finalists and ask them then. Plus as you leave comments on designs, notifications are sent to that designer letting them know that they have a message waiting. When they log in they’ll see it and respond in a timely manner, rather than checking each design they’ve submitted in each contest for feedback.

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  • It’s ok to have a back and forth discussion on the designs, don’t be afraid to ask for specifics or propose questions you have if you were to choose that design.
  • If something doesn’t feel right in the logo but you can’t explain it, say so! Bringing it up may help the designers see and address it for you.
  • Make sure to leave specific feedback on the individual design, not the Message Board or the designer’s personal portfolio. They are not notified when messages are left in those areas, and they may not receive it in time.

The Contest Discussions

R&C_Contest Discussions

This is a great place for communicating to all the designers but doesn’t warrant an update to the brief. The Contest Discussions area is located on the right side of every project, under the Contest Brief and beside the logo submissions. Let’s say you’ve decide on a tagline or want to provide specific color numbers, it’s best to upload them here. Anything you want all the designers to know after the project has started is best placed here.

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  • You can also upload samples here to help explain any comments.
  • The Contest Discussions is a great place to change the direction of the project. For instance, if you’re a pet shelter and are receiving too many logos that feature only dogs, point that out here and ask for other animals to be included.
  • Be careful during the Qualifying Stage to NOT upload any logo submissions here. It interrupts the blind part of the process and integrity of the designers. Changes you want to talk about on individual designs are best left on those specific submissions.

The Ratings


All logo designs submitted start out as not ranked. From there it’s up to you where they go. You can classify them as not interested or give them a one through five star rating. Designs ranked as not interested will fall to the bottom of the page, all new entries will appear on top of them. Designs with star rankings will rise to the top of the list, five stars at the top, one star ranked designs just above the not ranked entries. It’s a convenient way to help you keep the page of designs organized.

  • Make sure to pace yourself with star ratings. If you give the first couple of submissions five stars, designers may think you have exactly what you’re looking for and hesitate to enter their ideas.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, just because a design isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you don’t have to label it not interested. Give it one or two stars so the designer knows they’re on the right track, just not finished yet. Add a message if you want to see a revision or mention what’s holding the design back for you.

What happens if you need to get in contact with support staff or admins? We’ve got a convenient Contact Page for comments, suggestions, or any problems that arise.

Remember, communication is key to any great relationship. While you may not be marrying the designer, you share a common goal: creating an amazing logo design for your business. Take advantage of these four methods of communication to collaborate with our Design Community. I know they are eager to hear from you!

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Do you have any ideas on improving communication?
Are there any tips you would add to the list?
I’d love to hear about it – drop me a comment!


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