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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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In this post we go over the specifics of uploading sample artwork to your contest brief and why it’s so important!nike air max 93

Are you having trouble communicating your ideas? Would you like to share something with a designer but words are not enough? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” It began to appear in print in American newspapers at the start of the 1900’s. The idea it conjures up is that a single image is able to convey a complex idea or story. In this way, images become a language all their own.

Every developed industry has words and jargon with specific meaning to it alone. When I use words like isotopes, starboard, litigation, or Flux Capacitor, you’ll connect those words with chemistry, nautical terms, legalese, and time travel. Just as those words are tied to specific industries, using images to communicate ideas is uniquely tied to graphic design. It can be pencil sketches, pen on napkin, or something drawn out on graph paper – any of these methods speak language that designers inherently understand.air jordan retro 4

Knowing this, has made it easy to use pictures as part of your Project for our logo designers to see.


ScnSt_Pricing Top

When you click on the Pricing tab at the top of the page, you will be taken to a page where you can select which Logo Package works best for you and begin filling out the Design Brief. The Design Brief covers information like your company name, a description of your business, who your target audience is, and selecting logo styles that you would like to consider. After that, you will come to an Ideas & Concepts section.polarized sunglasses ray ban

Here is where you can share ideas that you have for your logo design. But as we’ve mentioned, sometimes words aren’t enough. Underneath the Ideas & Concepts box you will notice an “Upload Sample Images…” button.

ScnSt_Upload Images

 Clicking the button will bring up a pop-up box with two tabs: From Computer and From air jordan wholesale


The From Computer tab, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, allows you to upload a file from your computer. Say you have come across a color combination you like in an image of a room and saved to a folder. Upload that design and write in the box below the specific colors you would like designers to use. The From Web tab acts the same way, but instead of uploading a file, simply type in the web address. There is also a comment box for you to tell what you like about the design. Once that is all filled out, click the “upload” button. Now that image is included as part of your Design Brief! You can click on the image and it will pop up as the designer would see them.

You can repeat this step for up to three separate images. Let’s say after some thought, you want to focus on ideas from just two images. Once images are uploaded as part of your brief, there is a “Delete…” button in the upper right-hand corner. Simply click “Delete…” and a pop-up window will appear to confirm. Hit “OK” and it’s gone! But use caution, anything deleted is dismissed, and would have to be re-uploaded or re-typed to be included again.


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Now you have written our your ideas, plus, included some images to help the designers also see what you are talking about. Once the contest is live the pictures will be seen in the Additional Design Inspirations section at the bottom of the brief. In this recent project for Body Elements, you can see they wanted to incorporate the ideas of an abstract person, the atomic symbol, and some natural elements.

ScnSt_BE Brief

Now let’s take a look at the winning design:

ScnSt_BE Winner

The icon features an abstract atomic symbol with an abstract person inside. Similar to the samples uploaded, but in different styles and shapes. Which brings me to an important point. This feature is to help communicate ideas to the designers, not to be used for directly copying ideas from existing designs. There are copyrights and laws in place to protect artwork, more on that here, and we advise they be respected to keep you and the designers out of any legal trouble in the future. The staff of administrators and moderators at monitor designers submissions so you can be sure you’re receiving 100% original artwork.

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Use the “Upload Sample Images…” feature to help speak the visual language of the designers you will be working with. Having the logo designers on the same page as you will help to produce greater results. Be sure to take advantage of it when you start your next project!

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Has using the feature helped you before?
What other languages do you speak?
Let me know in the Comments!

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