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6 Valuable Logo Design Advice for Newbies


If you want to become a good freelance logo designer It’s important to follow the basic logo design guidelines and practices.  Here are some useful tips that could help newbie logo designers to create successful logos for their future clients:

1. Use vector graphics software, not Photoshop
The latter is commonly used by designers but in an attempt to match new design trends, more and more successful designers are choosing vector graphics software instead. Vector graphics software will help you to create scalable images that will not lose their quality with re-sizing. Images created using vector graphics also look better on print making it the ideal software for designing business logos which are used in letters, leaflets, brochures and other business communication tools. Using vector graphics software is much better than Photoshop because the former allows for numerous re-edits which save the freelance designer lots of time and energy.


2. Keep your logo design simple

Experienced logo designers believe that simple is always more. You should go by this mantra when creating a business logo as it allows you to come up with something that a clients audience will remember even if they see the logo only once. Simple logo designs utilize common aspects that potential customers encounter in their day to day lives and can therefore remember with ease. Complicated, overcrowded logos have a disadvantage in that they could deter people from finding out more about your business.


3. Use few colors

The use of color is encouraged in design but you should use them in moderation. Too many colors might stand out but they will only confuse people. Excessive use of colors gives the impression that a designer is not really sure about the image that they wish to portray. Try to match colors with the company theme for easier recognition by potential and existing clients.


4. Keep logo text easily readable

Some people design an awesome logo but forget to make the text legible. You need to place readable text in the logo to keep people from straining when they want to learn more about your client company. The text might be small but ensure that is contrasts with the images and colors used to make it clearer to the reader.


5. Use proper logo dimension

Business logos must appear balanced on paper or web pages, prompting designers to use proper dimensions. Especially when it comes to logo design with a long name, slanted, unbalanced logos allude to disorganization and lack of professionalism which might deter people from working with you. Proper dimensions are a great measure of standard and consistency which helps people to differentiate real logos from fake ones.


6. Good communication with your client

Freelance logo designers can only produce great work if they maintain good communication with their clients. This helps them to understand their personal preferences about the logo they would like. A freelance designer who cannot communicate effectively quickly loses their customers as they are not able to deliver the desired logo within the set parameters. If you are not sure about something, it is best to ask your client for further details so that you can produce exactly what they need in the specified time frame.


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This is very good information for good logo designers.New logo designers have good chance to get this information and improve their logo designing in future, Logo is very important in this days because it is not for only business promotion it is also an identity of your business. Simple and unique logo is more effective than copy. There are many designer who copied logo design by others.

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