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Branding 101 | 4 Types of Logo Designs for Your Company

A logo is defined by what a brand wishes to impart to its customers. It’s used to present a company’s entire manifesto through the formality of its font size to the uniqueness of its visuals. By using a compact visual that can be plastered to anything from their product packages to their social media platforms, brands make use of logos to convey their purpose, tone, and service.

The different types of logos

A logo is what a customer is most likely to remember from your brand. Different designs have their strengths and weaknesses depending on how well they’re executed.

Creating your own can also be a tricky matter if you’re not familiar with the fundamentals of basic graphic design. In this article, we will share with you the four types of logo designs that can help you in better designing one for your brand:


  1. Brandmark Logo

Logo symbols use a strong graphic to represent their brand. Many brands choose to use an abstract image or an action to represent their company. More often than not, the visual also correlates with their brand’s name and quality of service.

Nike’s ‘swoosh’ symbol is an effective brandmark symbol that manages to reflect its business personality and its line of products at the same time. The ‘swoosh’ is an indicator of motion, which is a perfect image to match with their vast array of athletic gear for sale. Motion as an abstract concept is also thematically in line with Nike, whose title is in reference to the Greek goddess of success, making for a powerful statement of a brand that ‘moves towards success.’


  1. Wordmark Logo

One of the most common ways to present your brand is by putting everything on the table. Netflix, Walmart, and various food brands usually choose a wordmark logo and employ multiple forms of altering the text to deliver their brand’s image. Because of the limitation in terms of developing the design, most of its personality comes from the font color, typeface, and other typographic elements.

Wordmark logos are a practical design for those looking to focus their efforts on brand recognition through a brand’s full title. Besides being distinct and complete, it allows for easier memory recall as long as your company’s name is cohesive and compact.


  1. Lettermark Logo

Companies such as the Cable News Network and Home Box Office network can be a mouthful to say and remember, which is why they’ve opted to use a snappy and catchy monogram to be the face of their brand. Instead of using the entire title of the brand, its monogram makes for a short and easy-to-remember title, such as CNN and HBO. Choosing a lettermark design for your logo makes it easier for your customers to remember the company name.

Lettermarks are usually used by brands that already have an existing familiarity with their consumers. If you’re a small business owner who’s about to make your entrance into the industry of your choice, you might want to use a lettermark design for a later rebranding campaign.


  1. Iconic Logo

This commonly uses a combination of both brandmark and wordmark elements, which is why iconic logos can also be known as combination logos. Both symbolic and textual images are effectively combined into one image. It can reveal what their product is (through associated symbols) and what their business tone is (whether they are formal or friendly).

One of the reasons iconic logos are preferred is because they usually reveal the brand’s tone together with its logo all in one visual. NBC’s peacock logo, Dunkin’ Donuts’ typeface logo are perfect examples.



Choosing the perfect logo is never easy, and making a brand stick to your potential customers can be a defining factor for your success. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, accepting innovation is the key to embracing the need for a fresh new logo. 

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