Basics About Small Business Logo Design and Branding

There are so many important elements involved in your business’s marketing that some terms can often get jumbled with one another. For instance, the concept of a logo design can be confused with the idea of branding, with most people perceiving the two to be the same thing. Albeit very similar and related, they are quite different.

It’s important to define what a logo design and branding is, as well as how you should distinguish one from the other. Being more aware of this difference will ensure that you are creating the best possible outcome and emulating cohesion over your business’s marketing campaign.

Keep reading to understand what sets apart a logo design from the branding of your business.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is a graphic design representing the company, product, or service being advertised. This is typically a symbol that would be able to convey a certain visual message to competitors, potential partners, and prospective customers. If you aren’t that confident in creating a good logo design, consider utilizing a generator that would give you something to work with. 

What Is a Brand?

A brand is the mental image people will have about a company, product, or service, one that is often shaped based on how you position and market your business. Branding is more of a practice that allows you to create a connection between a person and your company. It is supported by a variety of other advertising tools and procedures.

What Makes Logo Design and Branding Different?

Logo design and branding are somewhat similar in the sense that both act as a representation of the business. However, a logo does not encompass a whole set of strategies like branding does. Instead, it just focuses on creating a picture that people will quickly identify and associate with the rest of your business. Branding does the same while going above and beyond.

Why is a Logo Design Important to Branding?

It’s much more accurate to say that logo design is considered more as a tool of branding rather than just saying that they are separate, especially since they have similar goals. Here are a few grounds on why logo design is significant for your business branding. 

  • Consistency. Your business is likely communicating on different platforms, executing branding strategies left and right. Adding a logo design on the materials and posts ensures a consistent image people will always see.
  • Connection. Branding aims to create a relationship between the consumer base and the organization, and a logo with a great design can assist with that. Visual branding is quite important for many people to recall a brand. 
  • Identity. Branding requires your business to set itself apart from the rest of the competition. How impressive and unique your logo is can truly help establish that identity in the future.
  • Impression. Branding hopes to create a reputation that precedes your overall business, which can help with customer acquisition. If you want to entice people to learn more about your business, consider a strong logo design that reflects your brand.


To sum it up, a logo is more of a branding tool that businesses should use. Differentiating it can help you focus more on each strategy and attain better results that should propel your business into success. If you business is looking for an affordable custom logo design, is here to help. You can launch a logo contest for as little as $50 and get multiple custom design options in matter of minutes.