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Why Rebranding Can Help Your Business During a Crisis

It’s good to treat your brand like a living, breathing human. It has to have a purpose, goals and can adapt to change. Rebranding can be a touchy subject for some companies because this can go as far as changing your brand’s identity completely from the root up. It may be difficult to change your logo design in the middle of a crisis, but it might be necessary.

If your brand can adapt to the changes happening in our society and seamlessly move through the same wave as its customers, your brand can create deeper relationships with your target audience. 

Here are some reasons rebranding during a crisis can help your business move forward:

You need a common thread between your purpose and the crisis

The world is going through a pandemic. On social media, brands are starting to make noise and showing support to frontliners and citizens. Showing the community that you care and your team is taking steps into giving your brand more purpose during these times will help with your brand’s reachability and customer relationships. That’s called Proactive Rebranding. You’re basically making sure that your brand’s purpose and actions will help the collective during the crisis.

Likewise, reactive branding is quite beneficial for both parties, especially if your products and services are needed during these times. However, if your brand has no relevance to the ongoing crisis, it’s best to rethink your brand’s purpose and react to the social changes that are happening around you.

Your brand needs to speak

In the middle of a crisis, it’s good to ask yourself and your team tough questions about your brand and how to move forward. “What is the relevance of our brand during this crisis?” It’s one question you can ask yourself before starting to rebrand.

Remember that your brand isn’t only web design or logo design. A big part of your brand is its purpose and what it is trying to say to the public. It will help your team immensely if you strip your brand to its core and re-evaluate your goals, mission, vision, and plans during a crisis. You don’t want to be the brand out in the market that has remained tone-deaf and apathetic in the middle of chaos.

Being unresponsive won’t help your brand

Your brand should be able to be part of the change happening in the collective. If you allow your brand to be unresponsive and stagnant, the chances are that your brand may die, or you may get really bad PR. 

Do your research and understand the crisis that is currently happening and strip your brand apart. Find ways to adapt and change the way things are going with your brand to help your products and services ease their way back into the market.

Ask your target audience what they need, do your research, and develop a branding and marketing plan that would help communicate your new purpose and goals during these uncertain times. 


It only takes a moment for something to happen that can change and affect everyone. The quicker you adapt, the bigger your chances of survival. Plan your rebranding well, think of your logo design, understand your audience and the situation, and move from there. Remember, your brand is breathing—adapt, understand, and help make a change in society. is a name your own price logo contest website where you can get dozens of logo inspirations for your brand from freelance designers around the world. If you are thinking about rebranding your business, be sure to give us a try.