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Logo Design 101 – Which Logo Font Should I Use?

Choosing your logo design is one of the most important aspects of formulating your brand. While a majority of branding efforts work on improving your business’ image and perception, it all revolves on one major aspect: your logo. Without a well-formulated logo, your branding efforts won’t be able to extend as far as it could potentially go for your business.

Choosing a Font Logo is a good choice for many businesses, especially if you have a creative company name behind it. Although it might seem like just a heap of words slapped on with color, every single aspect of it will speak volumes about your brand—which is why it’s crucial to plan which font style you’ll be using. 

To help you out in this regard, here are some of the basic categories for font styles you can use for the development of your logo.


Serif Fonts

The serif fonts are some of the most traditional and classy fonts available. As the marker of trustworthiness and stability, using this establishes your business as a serious and professional one. These fonts are often a hit with older generations and are utilized by numerous highly professional businesses.

Some examples of brands that use serif fonts are TIME, Tiffany & Co., and Rolex.


Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, are incredibly clean, neutral, and straight to the point. These are considered a major staple in today’s age—but this doesn’t equate to it being boring or uncreative. Considered as clear and bold, the use of these are patterned with well-chosen colors to cause it to pop out of the background.

Some examples of brands that use sans-serif fonts are Facebook, Google, and eBay.


Modern Fonts

Modern fonts are exactly that: modern. Often futuristic-looking or “unique,” these are often incredibly luxurious fonts that shout out exclusivity more than anything. While still maintaining a clearly-readable design, these are more complex than the previous traditional font styles.

Some examples of brands that use modern fonts are Reebok, CD Projekt Red, and Square Enix.


Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts are font styles that look like they were done by hand. These come in either block-handwriting or cursive, both of which are leaning towards casualty, beauty, and creativity more than anything. While these can be tempting to use, it’s crucial to consider where it will be incorporated—as thinner fonts appear differently when blown up.

Some examples of brands that use handwritten fonts are Instagram, Johnson & Johnson, and Cartier.


Display Fonts

Display fonts are some of the most iconic and easily recognizable fonts—as well as being incredibly difficult to conceptualize. These fonts were tailor-made for the brand, and encapsulate the brand image of the business behind it. Going for this option should be accompanied by the support of an experienced graphic designer to properly pull-off.

Some examples of brands that use handwritten fonts are Disney, Lego, and EA.



When going for a Logo Font, your priority should be picking out a font style that encapsulates the personality of your business or company. By taking note of some of the more basic options, you can choose and develop a logo that’s closer to what you want your consumers to see.

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