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Why Every Small Business Needs a Strong Brand Logo

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, you can’t deny the importance of a strong logo. How many times have you seen a specific logo and not the brand name but automatically knew the brand or company just by seeing the logo? You see it all the time. Nike, Apple, Adidas, and Jordans are all major brand names that are easily recognizable by their logos.

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Tips for Understanding Logo File Resolution – for Non-Designers

You want to advertise in the local monthly coupon book. The rep for the ad agency needs a copy of your logo to design the coupon. Send us the vector file, they say, or a raster with X by X resolution.

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3 Easy Logo Design Tips for Non-designers

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Designing a logo does not have to be stressful, intimidating or expensive. Getting everything an individual or company represents into a single typeface, mark or symbol may daunting. Especially if it’s the very first time the process has been attempted. Allow these fast and easy logo design tips to help guide the way to solutions – not headaches.

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Crowdsourced Logo Design – Is it Right for You?

Crowdsourcing your logo design: Is it your best option? It’s a good question. What are the options, anyway?

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Creating square logo designs that’s social media friendly

Last time we talked about how to make your logo background transparent. Today we will talk about square logos. When creating a new logo, one thing to keep in mind is that whether your new logo will be social media friendly. Since all major social media networks adopted a square logo, that means your profile logo will also need to fit nicely in a square box in order to keep your brand image consistent.