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  • 5 concepts

    “Start-up manufacturer of environmentally-friendly, residential water filters. Our water filters use up to 90% less plastic than filters currently on the market.”

  • 3 concepts

    “Property Preservation. I provide service to the inside and outside of foreclosed properties to include lawn care, repair, inspection, maintenance, cleaning, and etc. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “My Husband James Griffin, the finish carpenter by trade, has been doing more and more "side jobs" and receiving a ton of word of mouth referrals on Cape Cod, Ma. Whether it be custom work, front porches, decks, kitchen & bath remodels, etc. He decided he wants to make it official with biz cards, lawn signs, truck decal, tshirts (eventually) but we are in need of a great logo! ”

  • 3 concepts

    “We are a solution for fighting online account takeover fraud, focusing on modern authentication methods, mostly based on behavioural cognitive analysis.”

  • 3 concepts

    “Dessert Design and Catering Business ”

  • 3 concepts

    “Double Dog Depot is a dealer with firearms supply and tactical gear. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “Our business provides home inspection services to buyers, sellers and real estate professionals serving the communities in the greater Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We chose this name to convey the idea of the inspector zooming in and evaluating a property with careful lenses, taking a closer look. We like the "lens" component in the design with the past project completed, see "ACE home Inspection". If possible, please include the prior awarded designer for our last project to provide designs for this new request. Logo should be creative and yet simple, contemporary and professional. ”

  • 8 concepts

    “Specializing in all taxidermy such as: Deer, Ducks, Hogs, Fish, Turkey. Would like a swamp look with cypress trees, Spanish moss, lakes, rivers, flatlands, shotguns. Located in Lakeland, Georgia. Looking for a classy look.”

  • 4 concepts


  • 3 concepts

    “I am a physical therapy home based clinic that provided individualized care based on the client's needs.”

  • 7 concepts

    “Solo mowing operation”

  • 6 concepts

    “Freshly made juices”

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Ollie did a superb job and was quick. He took instruction well and delivered a stellar product. Ollie will be my first choice for future projects. Thanks Ollie!

The designer brought my vision into reality and was very understanding to all my changes. All of my images, messages and responses were delivered very quick. I loved the concept and will be back for another logo that I need soon. I made many changes and not once did the designer seem upset or annoyed and delivered almost immediately. Thank you so much.

You were attentive to my description and design requests. It's like you looked into my soul and my heart and brought my vision to life. Thank you for a wonderful job!

This sample stood out the most to me. Simple, delivers an interesting visual message, and elegant. I will be playing with colors a little bit, but the overall form of the illustration and the accompanying font is pretty attractive.

got the job done but had to pay for unlimited revision even though i gave him an exact photo with detailed instructions to get it right the first time. typical internet cons!!!

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